On My Wish List

It isn’t like I don’t have enough to do, between a full-time job, a house, several gardens, ten chickens, a hyperactive Australian shepherd, a rather demanding and expressive calico cat, and a whole nother life as a musician. But I catch myself daydreaming about the same “I wants” over and over again. Some of them will come sooner and some in far-off futureland, but they all will become, at one point or another, part of my little claim in the homestead realm.

Honeybees: This one may come sooner than later. I’m still getting educated and will have to make some investments in equipment and bees, but I’d like to install a hive at my house, especially for the pollinators, and another one at my parents’ house up in the mountains where I grew up, so that I can have my sourwood honey. No, I haven’t discussed this with them. (Hi, Daddy! What do you think about some bees in the orchard?)

A solar-powered pump for my rain barrels: I love my 220 gallons of the wet, which I run into my garden via soaker hoses. But sometimes I’d like those hoses to flow with a little more oomph. And in my never-ending quest for energy independence, I want my oomph off the grid. Here’s the little gadget I long for. Look for it on a rain barrel near me before this growing season ends!

Angora Rabbits: You can hold them and snuggle them and comb and brush out their long, beautiful fur, which can then be spun into the softest yarn you’ve ever touched, which the can be knitted into the softest garments you have ever worn. Also, did you know that bunny poo can go straight from the bunny into the garden as an excellent fertilizer without risk of it being too “hot” for the vegetation? Bonus! I’m still doing my homework and research, and plus I probably should learn to spin.

Nigerian dwarf dairy goats: This one may be a longer-term project, like after I retire and therefore have plenty of time to care for and milk dairy goats every day. There are some definite challenges with goats, but then there is milk, cheese, more excellent poo, and general adorableness. They aren’t going to get scratched off my list any time soon.

What’s on your wish list?



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10 responses to “On My Wish List

  1. We used to have Angoras at the cabin. What’s great about them is that you can harvest the hair and not hurt the animal. But don’t let that hair ever get ahead of you! They make Persian cats look like a before ad for a hair restoration product. Sweet animals, though.

    • I heard about those bunnies. And yes, the fact that they are down with the grooming/harvesting is part of the appeal. I understand the German angoras do not require quite as much brushing (the one pictured here is an English angora).

  2. I want a flock of sheep for Edward to herd.
    And a pet owl that will deliver my letters.

    • I confess that one of the attractions of goats is that it would give my herding dog something exciting to do. Caleb herds the chickens, but I think goats would really up his cred.

      We have lots of barred owls in our trees. Come talk to one about postal service!

  3. Love reading your blog, Allison. Hope you’re doing well!

  4. Kare

    Love your blog, Allison! House Rabbit Society’s websit has great info about rabbit care, diet, illnesses, vets, etc.

  5. Alice

    If you decide you want to learn to spin, let me know. I can help you with that.

  6. I have a herd of French angoras and they are very easy to groom… Plus, you don’t have to shear them like you do with German angoras.

  7. lisacapehart

    On my wish list is an Old World Jersey cow. In fact, I might like to raise a herd – more land and time required there! In the meantime, I’ll enjoy my fresh milk and cream from my cowshare, thanks to Farmer Gary Oaks…

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