“Sauce and Butter, that’s my plan . . .”

A blog entry in song and pictures

I got a peck of apples from the Georgia hills,
I made a pie and I ate my fill —
So ripe and sweet, it’s a shame to toss ’em;
Guess it’s time to applesauce ’em.
Sauce and butter, that’s my plan;
Why? Because I can.

— “Because I Can,” from Redbud Winter (2007)


Addendum: Looky what Southern Fried Curry did with her applesauce!



Filed under Feasting, Putting Up

3 responses to ““Sauce and Butter, that’s my plan . . .”

  1. Yum!!!

    Hey… cool t-shirt!

  2. Love it! Looks like you’ll have enough applesauce to last quite awhile. (Thanks for the link!)

  3. Nothin’ quite so good as homemade applesauce! I see you’re using a ricer … I usually do too … but sometimes a hard work-out with the hand-sieve the California contingent brought all the way from Georgia in the early 1900’s. It has a round wooden masher to push the pulp thorough, and a wire stand to hold firm the cone shaped utensil! Mmmmm … cinnamon, butter, vanilla and apples … think that’s what the bible calls manna? Cousin m

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