Snow Day on the Southern Urban Homestead

Well, one can hardly call it “snow,” because it was less than an inch, but in classic Atlanta style, our roads are sheets of ice. The world (around here, anyway) has ground to a halt. Here are a few scenes from our silent, frozen morning.



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6 responses to “Snow Day on the Southern Urban Homestead

  1. GN

    Very cool’s like you are a time traveler

  2. joyce latimer

    Hello Allison,

    I have wanted to meet you for a long time and now is my chance. I am a friend of your parents; in fact, I graduated in 1954 from DHS with Doug. But, that’s now all: I graduated from Agnes Scott in 1992. Happily so.

    I am enjoying your urban homesteading information. I think I’ll take it seriously and give it a try. I do the sustainable life style in many ways, but have not utilized my small backyard yet.

    By the way, I live in Missoula, MT — a place, I think, that would really appreciate you. Perhaps you’ve been here. Come on out for a visit.


    • Hi, Joyce! Thanks for being in touch. Dad will be tickled. I love Montana but haven’t been to Missoula . . . yet! Good luck with your homestead.

      • joyce latimer


        Just tonight on KUFM, local NPR station, there was a report on The Flat House being developed as a sustainable living project by the University of Montana.

        I was fascinated and went online to check it out, got the address, which is not far from where I live, and I plan to go by tomorrow and see what I can see.

        Thought of you because they have chickens, too. I was led to listen to your comments on the NPR coverage last May. Really good.


  3. How in the holy heck did I not know you were up and running on this wonderful blog … cuz! I now have bookmarked you for life and will, every chance I get, be following your every move/word, or at least the ones you want to share. Kiss the hairy chicken herder for us, and keep on keeping on the gratifying countrification of the urban outlook. Such a congenial and effortless writing style you possess! Cousin m

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